Naturpolis Ltd

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Naturpolis aims to promote profitable business and to support job creation in Kuusamo region, as well as to promote regional, national and international co-operation. Tourism is one of the most important business sectors in the area, especially nature tourism. Naturpolis has lead and participated in numerous tourism projects since 2005 and it has active co-operation with SMEs, development organisations, research institutes and authorities. Naturpolis will lead the WP5 in the project. Communication with SMEs in the region and the dissemination of results will be done in close co-operation with Metsähallitus.

Naturpolis has lead over 40 EU co-financed projects since 2005 when it was established. In addition it has been a partner in numerous other organisations’ projects. Most of the projects have been tourism related and thus also internationally oriented. International projects have been funded by ENPI Karelia CBC Programme.