The SAINT trans-national team recently met in Kuusamo, in northern Finland to focus on ‘Tourism Technologies’ as part of the project’s wider aim to extend the marketing reach of businesses in the ‘slow adventure’ tourism sector.  A range of Finnish technology experts gave fascinating insights into the e-future of tourism experiences. As well as virtual reality experiences, ideas on how to capitalise on the myriad promotional opportunities available through the rise of social media and mobile platforms were also explored.

The trip represented a great opportunity to learn more about how tourism businesses in Kuusamo join together in both collaborative marketing and the packaging of great tourist experiences.  Those based around the sauna are a great example.  “The sauna is such a key part of Finnish life” said Peter Varley of CRTR,   “The storytelling about sauna experiences and its centrality to Finnish life and culture, combined with high quality accommodation, local foods and outdoor activities, winter or summer, has created an amazing product for tourists seeking a holiday-beyond-the-ordinary in a spectacular wilderness setting”.

The project partners are now working in their regions to explore how such collaborative promotion and the packaging of nature-based tourism experiences can help to develop new, imaginative tourist experiences.